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Running coach and analyst for Bellin Health


Why Connext Matters:

"As an athlete, CONNEXT gives you a different platform to show off all your abilities and to put together a well-rounded resume of the athlete that you are, along with showing the drive to want to learn and get to the next level.


From a coach's perspective, you can now see and know more about athletes than just the numbers on the track.  You can see what areas they are strong in and what areas have room for improvement.  By manipulating their training to cater to their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses, you can pull out the athletes' max potential."


~ Nate Vandervest

Nate Vandervest is a running coach and analyst for Bellin Health, the largest sports medicine program in the region.  Nate assists athletes to receive one-on-one attention from certified orthopedic physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, sports nutritionists and strength coaches to develop sports-specific skills. As a comprehensive sports medicine program, Nate and the Bellin team offer a wide variety of wellness services that feature the only sports nutritionist in the region and a full range of innovative classes, physical therapy programs and sports enhancement programs to keep athletes motivated toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle and achieving goals.

Nate is a former Division I cross country runner whose passion for running has fueled his success in coaching. His goal is to teach athletes to optimize their running performance through proven training techniques. Nate’s experience and knowledge allows him to train – and relate to – athletes of all levels, from walkers to beginning runners to marathoners. In addition to being a running coach, Nate is a strength and conditioning specialist and corrective exercise specialist.

His unique skill set is what sets him apart from most other running coaches and allows him to coach runners in other disciplines so that they reach their full potential.

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