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Director of Operations at Connext

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My coaching and professional resume may be a bit different than most. I was not a collegiate athlete. I was not a high school athlete. I didn’t play sports in middle school, nor did I ever play for club leagues or little leagues for that matter.  Did I love sports? Yes.  A thousand times yes.  However, growing up, I was not allowed to participate in sports.  It's a long story, and you are welcome to read more about my personal, uncharacteristic journey that led me from zero exposure to competitive sports as a child, to despising running in my teenage years, to eventually a head boys and girls track and field and cross country coach, marathoner, five-time Boston qualifier and now here: to my dream career.  


My vision behind Connext was to give track and field and cross country athletes a voice.  A platform.  A chance.  These sports and athletes are often overshadowed by others; however, I feel passionately that athletes from these sports have an intrinsic drive that is unmatched.  They know how to dig deep, push pain and doubt aside, and accomplish the extraordinary.  They test limits, they channel energy, and cast the fear of failure aside.  What better preparation for all of life's challenges?  They also know teamwork.  Track and field and cross country are often looked at as individual sports.  Anyone who has ever been a part of either team, know that is untrue.  Your performance is for the greater good of the whole.  Your encouragement to others propels them to be their best.  Isn't that what we should all aim for every day?  The sports take dedication, hard work, and resiliency, creating a confidence and passion that lead to a life-long, physically and mentally healthy lifestyle.  


There are track and field and cross country athletes that love the sport.  They are motivated, coachable, and passionate.  They also might not realize their full potential or the opportunities they may have to compete at a collegiate level.  I want to be that advocate for them.  I want Connext to be that experience that could change lives and open doors to the opportunities collegiate sports can offer-- athletically, academically, and financially.  I want high school athletes to get the chance to compete at the next level.  To get that chance that I did not.